Kenyans in Japan Association (KIJA) is a community of Kenyans living in Japan who have common and collective accord of working together in support of socio-economic development as well as a to promote perspectives that Harness the Diaspora in Japan for National Development.

Kenyans in Japan have a special opportunity to;

  1. link our mother land with Japan in all avenues of development,
  2. promote of bilateral engagements, and
  3. use their valuable skills & expertise as important assets to national development. This is because, the technical knowledge and understanding of two cultures makes us the best to identify and promote befitting bilateral initiatives for national development.

KIJA recognizes the need for the Kenyan Diaspora members to actively participate in the social, cultural and economic development of their motherland and the duty the Kenyans in Diaspora owe to their future generations and the need for special and continuous efforts from all stakeholders involved in the development of Kenya.

At KIJA, Kenyans get to join together to organize productive and remarkable events like conferences, participate in events that represent Kenya in Japan, and also representing Kenyans in Japan around the world.

KIJA also provides a platform where Kenyans in Japan share their expertise in various fields that help in the national development. Members with similar interests get to link and form networks that help in tapping into the numerous development opportunities both in Kenya and Japan.